Last Wednesday, August 26, was my birthday. I turned 50. Surprisingly (to me), number Five-O affected me in ways that my previous birthdays haven’t. It was sobering to think that I have most likely got more behind me than in front of me. That was likely true at 40 (and perhaps even 35), but at 50 the timeline is more evident to me.

For the last several months, I have been thinking more soberly about that reality. Giving more thought to how I want to land this thing.  I’ve also started to think of a bucket list; actually a couple. One for fun things, and one for really important things. On my really important list: I definitely want to end well, being faithful to my God, my wife, and my kids. On my fun list: Among other things, I want to go white water rafting.

I’ve already lived a full and, I think, interesting life. And, over the course of the next year, I want to do a series (thanks ESPN and Steve VanWinkle) called 50-4-50, through which I tell 50 stories from my life. I primarily want to preserve these stories for my wife and kids (and their kids, and their kids, and their kids, etc.). But, I also believe everyone has a story and that I can learn something from every person I meet. With that in mind, someone, perhaps you, can learn something from my story.

So, Colleen, Grace, Zach, and whoever will read this: Each Wednesday of this, my 50th year, I intend to publish a story from my life. The stories will not appear chronologically or be weighted according to importance. Rather, they will each be what I think are interesting stories that provide some insight about who I am or help preserve the history of my family.


  1. This makes me happy.

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