A Missionary Letter

The letter below drew my mind to days gone by that I’ve read about in mission journals or biographies. It serves as a reminder that some missionaries are still working in rough conditions.

I have edited out the location references to protect the people involved.

If I have ever needed prayer, it is NOW. Today, I thought of war movies I have watched in the past and how it is like I am walking through the middle of them now.

Yesterday, we crossed the border into ____________, in the heat, on foot, pigs, trash, the smells, I was sick and vomiting on the side of the road. Thank God that I vomited before I had to pass through the health section or they wouldn’t have let me in. I was sick for two days.

[This place] is much different from ______________. Pray against tiredness, pray for health, pray for the spiritual realm, Mom; it’s heavy. Today, I went into a hut where a deamon possessed woman was chained to the floor. Pray for things to be lifted in the Spirit. Pray, pray, pray!

Please pray. Please tell anyone who prays to pray. I love you so much! I will try to contact you when we get to our next destination.

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