Off to Camp: Bus Driver

Should be an interesting week of summer camp.

7 Second Hand Dryer

These hand dryers are popping up all over the country. They take only 7 seconds, and are the most effective hand dryers I have ever seen.

Shabbat Shalom

Fancy Bread in the Market

Along with quaint little restaurants, clothes boutiques, and Judaica vendors, fancy bread stands are the rage in the Jerusalem market. The prices are competitive with factory produced whole wheat breads, so they may have a real chance at making it in the market.

Imagine My Surprise

After our thrilling win against Mexico, which secured the bronze medal for our team, we went to celebrate at a nearby restaurant. I ordered a chopped fillet hamburger, and asked for it to be cooked well done. So, imagine my surprise when I opened it to find that it was not only under-cooked, but also stuffed with carrots.

Actually, I wasn’t surprised that the meat was undercooked – that’s normal for Israel. It was the carrots that took me by surprise. I’ve never heard of stuffing a hamburger with cooked carrots.