Cancer Sniffing Phone App?

Need some good news that will likely have some effect upon you? Then, read on.

One of the many amazing technologies coming forth from Israel’s hotbed of medical technology is a cancer sniffing device that smells cancer on the user’s breath.

By identifying the special “odor” emitted by cancer cells, the NaNose system can detect the presence of tumors, both benign and malignant, more quickly, efficiently and cheaply than previously possible.” – Professor Hossam Haick

Reports are that this device is 90% accurate in detecting the presence of cancer. And it is particularly helpful in detecting lung cancer, which typically doesn’t present recognizable symptoms until it is strongly entrenched in the body.

A news smart phone app will make this technology widely available, and will likely increase the survival rate of those afflicted by cancer.

See an introduction to this amazing technology in the video below.

I learned of this technology from Michael Ordman who uses his blog, Good News from Israel, to highlight, well … good news from Israel. I recommend you visit his blog regularly, or simply sign up for the email distribution of Good News from Israel.

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