Catching Up

Is it reasonable to say that I have been so busy that I haven’t had time or energy to write? Whether it’s reasonable or not, it’s definitely the truth.

Since I last wrote, I/we have:
1. Moved apartments,
2. Started umpiring in a professional baseball league,
3. Traveled to Italy for the European Baseball Championship,
4. Planted 150 meters of sod in our new yard,
5. Preached,
6. Guided a small group,
7. And everything else I normally do.

Each of these things has been some combination of mentally, physically and emotionally draining.

In spite of my lack of actual blog productivity, I have a number of blog ideas that will find their way into a draft to be presented here. I want to write about my experience as an umpire in a start up professional baseball league, things we have learned while living in an apartment tower for the first time, how I got fined for bad conduct by our new building manager, why it is so draining to move from one apartment to another in Israel.


  1. You need to change #7 to: “And everything else I normally do, except blogging.”

    You have sod?? You thereby forfeit your right to complain.

    Don’t forget to tell us about how you got fined.

  2. Todd,

    You don’t have grass in Texas? It’s probably brown about this time of year. However, there’s been an unusual amount of rain, so maybe it has a shade of green left.

    And complain about what? Getting fined for …whatever it was? Or installing the grass myself? Or all the weeds that came with it? Or that my upstairs neighbors feel free to dump their garbage on my new lawn every night? Oh, I’ve got what to complain about! 🙂

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