Under the Mistletoe

Recently, we were in Grapevine, Texas looking at the Christmas lights, and we happened upon this photo-op.

Craig and Colleen, Grapevine, Texas, December 4, 2015
Craig and Colleen, Grapevine, Texas, December 4, 2015
Craig and Colleen, Grapevine, Texas, December 4, 2015
Craig and Colleen, Grapevine, Texas, December 4, 2015

The Game of Life®

vaca107Colleen, Grace, and Zach were playing The Game of Life® the other day. It was Zach’s first time to play. And since he is just three years old there were some obvious challenges for the girls to maintain their sanity and interest in the game.

One bright spot came when Zach had to choose between two occupations. One of the jobs was a veterinarian, which is the one Zach naturally chose. When Colleen asked him if he wanted to be an animal doctor, he said, “No, I want to be an animal.”

Am I a bad professor if . . .

Am I a bad professor if I let a student sleep through the last half of class? If you answered no, would your answer change if you knew that I also allowed the rest of the students (their idea, not mine) to quietly exit the class and leave the student to sleep through lunch?

My daughter thought I owed the student a lunch. I disagreed. My initial thought was if a person is paying $250 per credit hour and sleeps through the class, they must need some sleep . . . so, let them sleep. Is that wrong?

Wharton, TX: The Teepee Motel

Built in 1942 and restored in 2006, the Teepee Motel is a “distinctive landmark motel from America’s golden age of highway travel.” It’s a throwback to the days before the Interstate Highway System came to dominate travel across America; the days when the trip was as much a part of the vacation as the destination.

Certainly air travel and the Interstate Highway System have given us conven-ience, but in doing so, we’ve lost the experience of places like the Teepee Motel and roadside rest stops with BBQ grills, which, by the way, can still be found on many west Texas state highways. Though, I’ve never slowed down enough to see if people actually stop long enough to grill anything.

Happy First Birthday, Zach!

Yesterday was Zach’s first birthday. One of his gifts was a t-ball set that looked pretty interesting . . . to me. He, on the other hand, demonstrated something we hear all the time: “Kids are more interested in the packaging than the contents!”

Rosebud, TX : Speed Trap!

I’ve got some friends that insist that Texas is ugly. We’ve gone back and forth on that point until I’ve simply given up; an anti-Texas bias (i.e. jealousy) is nearly impossible to overcome. We may not be able to agree that there is some beauty in the Lone Star State, but surely we can agree that Texas is, at least, interesting.

On a recent drive from Victoria to Arlington, we made our way through Rosebud, Texas, which is 38 miles south of Waco on Hwy 77. It’s likely that you haven’t heard of Rosebud (I hadn’t), so I’ll tell you that it has a (2009) population of 1,319 and a median household income of $26,635, and would correctly be considered “country.”

My introduction to Rosebud was a “welcome” sign, placed by a disgruntled member of the community. I had already seen the “60 mph ahead” sign and had started to slow when my attention was grabbed by this: 

Even though I was already at 60 mph, that sign suggested (correctly) that I better slow it way down. So, I pressed the brake until I was creeping along at 30 mph. I finally arrived at the 60 mph sign, then the 45 mph sign, then I spotted him partially hiding behind a tree in a shade darkened alley, pointing a radar gun at me. Even though I was already creeping along at 30 mph in a 45 mph zone, I got a butterfly in my stomach. Probably because I was going so slow. I also had an internal smirk going. Probably because I felt like I beat him at his game – even though it was with the help of an anonymous Good Samaritan.

I immediately suggested that we should go back and get a picture of that warning sign (above), so I pulled into the car wash to make a u-turn and as I turned back to the street, I saw him coming. Not for me, I hoped, as I quickly reached for my camera so that I could take this shot:

A few cars behind me someone didn’t heed the warning,  and they would soon realize the error of their way. After the traffic cleared, I made my way back to the warning sign, giggling all the way.

Thinking there must be an interesting story here, I stopped at a local business and asked about the sign. “Oh, a guy that lives here was always getting a ticket when he came into town, so he posted that sign.” I asked if it was controversial in any way. “No, it’s on private property, so there’s nothing they can do. And there’s one on both ends of town. It’s just part of living here.”

As we continued on through town, and before we reached the southbound sign, this is what we saw:

So, driver beware: There’s a speed trap 38 miles south of Waco on Hwy 77 in Rosebud, Texas. I saw it, but thankfully avoided it. If Texas ain’t pretty, it certainly is interesting.

The Fortune Cookie Said . . .

“Don’t mistake temptation for opportunity.”

That’s REALLY good advice. Don’t be mistaken though, I don’t buy bags of fortune cookies to get direction for my life. Today’s cookie said that I would reach the highest levels of intelligence. And I’m taking that as a swing and a miss.

My Advice:

“Don’t ride that ride after eating a bunch of junk food!” That’s what I would have told this 12 year-old kid at the Ector County Fair if I hadn’t been so busy snapping his photo. But, he probably didn’t need me to tell him what his stomach already had. 🙂