Happy 6th Birthday, Zach!

Happy Birthday, Zach! You are a treasure beyond our greatest hopes. We love you.

Happy Birthday, Zach!

Zach at the playground (3/26/2016).

Zach at the playground (3/26/16).

Five years ago today, you burst into our lives. Wow! I could not have imagined how much energy you would have. I can’t keep up with you.

What a blessing you have been and are. I’m so happy that God gave you to us. Wit, creativity, and compassion are so apparent in your life. I pray that God will continue to develop those things in you. Your interest in and knowledge of the human body is simply amazing!

I love reading to you each night. And more special than that is when you ask me to pray that you will not have a bad dream. I love your heart for Jesus. Please keep pursuing him.

You are one special kid. Happy Birthday, Bubby. I love you!


Put Me In Coach!


Get That Ball!

One of the great things about Arlington Southwest Little League’s Bubba Ball is that everyone is encouraged to get involved. Here, Colleen encourages Zach to go get the ball that has been thrown his direction. On this play, they didn’t get the runner out, but they actually got an out on another play.


Z: American Ninja Warrior

One of Zach’s favorite TV shows, as measured by his effort to imitate, is American Ninja Warrior.

Here, he does a good imitation of ANW on this climbing wall at River Bend Retreat Center.











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