Dear Abby: Am I Stupid?

Dear Abby: Please help me. My lover and I have been disagreeing lately and are considering couples counseling. However, he keeps insisting that we see the marriage counselor he and his wife are currently seeing.

I want to make this relationship work, but I think it’s inappropriate to receive counseling from the same one that they are currently seeing. What do you think?
-Needs Therapy in Texas

How Abby should have responded: DEAR NEEDS THERAPY: You really do need therapy and much more. Your “lover” is a loser. If you couldn’t tell that he’s a loser by the fact that he’s committing adultery with you, it should have been obvious when he suggested that you see the “counselor” that he and his wife are CURRENTLY seeing. He’s pathetic, but you’re worse: you know the details and still “want to make this relationship work.”

How Abby actually responded: DEAR NEEDS THERAPY: I think you should definitely have some sessions with the therapist who is counseling your lover and his wife. They could prove enlightening. I’m willing to bet the farm that the same issues that have caused him to cheat on her are the ones at the root of your problems with him. And I’m not at all sure that “making this relationship work” would ultimately be in your best interests.

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