Deputation/Fundraising Survey

EXPLANATION: The purpose of this survey is to gain knowledge from practitioners that will result in a data-based book on ministry fundraising/deputation. In other words, I want to hear from those who actually raised support for their own ministry efforts.

Why another how-to book on ministry fund raising? After all, there are a number of good books already available, right? In short, yes. However, while preparing to teach a college course, Missions Deputation Workshop, at Arlington Baptist College, I realized that none of those good books said things exactly the way I wanted to say them. Additionally, one of the common weaknesses among the resources I examined was a general absence of data from those who actually raised their own support. Thus, the idea for  a new book that provides a voice to practitioners was birthed.

SECURITY/PRIVACY ISSUES: This survey is completely anonymous. For the purposes of this research, I am not interested in knowing your identity; I simply want to learn from you so that together we can help the next generation raise their ministry support as efficiently as possible.


1. Husbands and wives should respond separately if possible.

2. Answer the questions according to the type. Some only require you to choose from specific answers by clicking the bubble. Others, ask for you to enter a text answer. For those questions, there is no limit on characters; please answer as fully as you feel necessary.

3. Please do not include any personal information (e.g., names, cities, church names, etc.) that may reveal personal identities, yours or that of anyone else.

4. Once you are finished, simply click the submit button. If you do not click “submit” your answers will not be collected.

Thank you for considering this research project. Your experience is important, and if you will share with me what you learned/experienced while on deputation, you will be helping the next generation of workers who need to raise support in order to fulfill God’s call upon their lives.

FINAL REQUEST: Please help me get as much participation as possible by publicizing this survey through your various networks.

Dr. Craig Dunning, PhD
Dept. Chair, Intercultural Studies
Arlington Baptist College
(817) 461-8741 ext. 143

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