Fed Ex and Mother’s Day

We’ve had no small amount of trouble with Fed Ex over the last five or so years. Our trouble with them generally revolves around their inability or effort to deliver a package, which typically means our intended recipient ends up going to the Fed Ex facility to gather the package. And this has happened more than once.

However, this time, the ending was a little different.

Colleen ordered some chocolate candies for her mother for Mother’s Day. As is her normal practice, she had them sent to her sister’s apartment to be hand delivered to her mother.

Colleen has been anxiously tracking the delivery, or non-delivery online. On Wednesday, the driver left a note on my sister in law’s door saying that he had been there and would try again the next day. She, in turn, wrote a note for him to leave the box at the manager’s office. Thursday: no package. Friday: no package.

By Saturday, Colleen was getting upset since she had paid extra to insure timely delivery. So, she called her sister and asked her to call Fed Ex and check on the whereabouts of said package. Sis went to Fed Ex and waited while the manager searched with no success for a half hour. Finally, he asked her to go home and call him with the tracking number, and said that in the meantime he would find his driver and see what he knew about the package of (probably melted by now Godiva) chocolates.

Sis went home and called back with the information, and the manager presumably got busy searching for the package.

A few hours passed when there was a knock on the door at my sister in law’s apartment. She opened the door to find the facility manager standing there holding a plastic bag. Sis was puzzled because she knew the package would not have been shipped in a plastic bag.

The manager said, “I couldn’t find the package; it seems that one of our workers might have eaten them, so I went and bought some chocolates for your mother. I have a mother and it’s Mother’s Day. I’m sure it’s important to your mother, so I wanted to take care of this. Also, I’m going to reverse the shipping charges. Have a blessed day.”

I don’t know the guy’s name, but he definitely saved a customer for Fed Ex.

Happy Mother’s Day, Memaw. I hope you liked the chocolates, even if they got to you in a weird way. We love you.

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