For Sale: Jewish Head Covers


  1. Erik Rogers says

    Hey Craig, where’d you take this shot? It looks like a place in the Jewish Qtr we used to pass by all the time on our way from JUC to the Kotel, at the northeastern corner of the main square (Hahurva?).

  2. Eric,

    Stacks of kippot like this are found in several places around town, but this photo was taken in the Mahaneh Yehuda Market, where most of my fruit and vegetable photos are taken.

    Did you study at JUC?

  3. Erik Rogers says

    Yes, of course…I should have thought of Mahaneh Yehuda! I’m gonna have to take my group there – I need a new kippa.

    Yes, I did study at JUC – 96-97 school year – started the MA in Middle Eastern Studies program. Also, my wife and I met there – She was in her second year and completed her degree (MA in History of Ancient Syro-Palestine) there the following year.

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