Friday Fotos – I Call It Thistle

I call this thistle.

The flower guide book* identifies it as Tragopogon Coelesyriacus Boiss (Compositae [family]). The book describes it as a “perenial, 30 to 70 cm, glabrous or with scattered tufts of hair and an erect, unbranched stem. The lower leaves, arranged in a rosette, are widened at the base; the caulene leaves are lanceoate with acuminate tip. The rayed florets are grouped in flowerheads surrounded by bracts; the external bracts are long and triangular-acuminate, and much longer than the rays; the flowerheads are dark pink on the outside tending to purplish-brown centrally. Flowers in March and April.”

Does that mean it isn’t a thistle?

* Flowers of Israel. Boneichi & Steimatzky, Firenze, Italy, no date, pg. 59.

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