From 20 Floors Above Revisited

Since we wrote about the things that we’ve found in our yard that had been dropped from the floors above us, many more things have arrived. Things like carpets, patio umbrellas, shoes, lots more trash – things too disgusting to detail – and assorted kids toys.

While all these things are a nuisance, none of them are as disturbing as what came falling down today: a 25″x12″, 20+ pound limestone tile. It fell from the 18th floor, which translates to something around 120 feet.

On a couple of occasions, I have wondered if these siding tiles ever fall off, and what would happen if they did. Now, I know the answer to both questions: Yes, they do; and they shatter on impact.

Thankfully, no one was in the yard at the time. Now, I wonder if we should allow Grace to play out there.

In the photo, the red circle indicates the location on floor 18 from where the tile fell. The inset photo is the result of that tile’s fall.

Please disregard the dead appearance of the grass around the tile on the ground. At the end of last year’s growing season we were invaded by army worms, which ate all the grass leaves. I was finally able to get rid of them, but not before they destroyed much of my yard. (But, that’s stuff for another post.)

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