From 20 Floors Above

We laid sod in our yard on July 23, which means we have had grass for 37 days. In those 37 days, our upstairs neighbors have contributed a number of interesting and not-so-interesting things to the new look of our yard. Some of their contributions were intentionally thrown out their windows or balconies, while other things were simply blown from said windows or balconies.

Each morning is a new adventure, almost a treasure hunt, as I lay out the water hoses and see what kinds of things I’ll find. So, far, this is what I’ve found:
Apple: 1, half eaten;
Baby wipes: countless;
Balls: 3;
Burger and fries meal: 1, half eaten;
Cigarette butts: countless;
Coffee cups: 11, paper;
Coke bottles: 2, 1.5 liter plastic;
Cotton swabs: 7, used;
Disposable diapers: 2, used;
Dog food bowl: 1, steel;
Food container: 1, plastic (Tupperware-like);
Glass vase: 1, broken;
Gum: 2, chewed; 1, un-chewed;
Hair removal wax: 1 blob, hair included;
Latex glove: 1
Lollipops: 2, half eaten;
Peach: 1, half eaten;
Peach Pits: 2;
Plum: 1, half eaten;
Popsicle wrappers: 3;
Receipts: 2;
Rubber snake: 1, small;
Shekels: 100;
Toilet paper: used #2;
T-shirt: 1, mens;
Tuna cans: 2, empty;
Underwear: 1, boys;


  1. For 100 shekels, I’d pick up a lot of trash!

    You could put up a “found” list at the entrance to your building, and see how many takers you get for the money vs. the rest.

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