From 36,000 Feet

It’s -50 F outside. I’m at 36,000 feet on a Continental flight from Tel Aviv to Newark and have the freedom to use my computer without battery worries. Not because it’s a Mac, but because along with the rest of Continental’s great service, they have now installed electrical outlets between the seats.

Not long ago, I saw an article reviewing different power supply devices, some of which were able to draw a small amount of electricity from the standard earphone jack. I don’t remember all the negatives of such devices beyond the fact that they were not able to charge a battery. That device is not what I’m talking about now. I’m talking about a standard 3 prong plug that not only powers a computer (and/or other electronic devices), but also provides enough current to charge the battery. And this isn’t limited to the front, very expensive section of the aircraft. Us common folk in cattle car also have electricity. Why has this been so long in coming?

In addition to the electric outlet, Continental now has touch screen, on demand, entertainment screens for each passenger. This on demand system provides 336 full length movies, over 250 short programs. music and games. No flight is long enough to accomplish all that. In fact, I’m sure it would take more than an hour just to scroll through the movie and short program offerings. By the way, I’m choosing not to spend my time scrolling.

The service has been good: ample food and beverages, accompanied by polite and efficient attendants. Our plane is clean and orderly and I don’t see any wear and tear, which is nice.

I recommend Continental Airlines. At least on the Newark-Tel Aviv route.

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