Happy 3rd Birthday, Zach!

zach-christmas-2013-72dpiHappy Birthday, Champ! Had to say that because you give us such a smile when we call you by any sort of nickname and you respond, “No, I’m Zach!” or “No, I’m Bubba!” (depending on which name you are going by at that moment).

We love to hear you say the long form of your name, Zachariah. Our hope is that you will always cherish your names; we chose them carefully. See, we had hoped for a long time that God would give us someone just like you. But, as time passed, it seemed that God had chosen to bless us only with Grace. But we still prayed and hoped, and God graciously gave us you. As we thought of names, none seemed to be just right . . . until you arrived. Then it was locked: Zachariah Samuel Dunning.

Dunning means you are related to us, ours forever. You can’t change that; neither can anyone else. We are linked by blood and DNA and all that science stuff; and we are linked by name and heritage and God’s choice. We are so thankful that it’s that way.

Zachariah and Samuel are names we drew from the Bible, the Book we pray will be the foundation of your life and and guide you to Jesus. When you arrived, you were the answer to the prayers of two longing hearts and we felt Zachariah, which means “God remembered” and Samuel, which means “God heard,” perfectly expressed our hearts. You, Zachariah Samuel Dunning, were the undeniable evidence that God both remembered and heard our prayers. Please, never forget the meaning of your names.

Happy Birthday, Bubby! We love you now and always.

Ima and Abba
3 John 4 – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”




  1. Grandma says

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite grandson. I love you more than you will ever know.

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