Happy 42nd

We combined family day with my birthday and went to the zoo today. It was really sunny and hot and the animals were secluding themselves in the shade, so there wasn’t much to see. But just getting out with the family is a great gift, one for which I am very thankful.

After the zoo, we went to Spaghett’im downtown. I had my usual: spaghetti with meat sauce. I guess it’s a holdover from my childhood. Back then I always chose Spaghetti Warehouse as my birthday restaurant. That was before it had expanded into a chain restaurant and I think it was better back then. Every year, I chose the same dish: spaghetti with meat sauce. I think one time I chose meat balls, but it wasn’t as enjoyable for me. The spaghetti was good, but I think my favorite part of the meal was the sourdough bread. Wow, I would like to have a bite of that right now!

The atmosphere of the original location was great: the San Francisco trolley, the game area with “antique” popcorn cart in the front, drinking from jars. All neat stuff. I think the next time we are in Dallas, I’ll take the girls for a survey trip to The Old Spaghetti Warehouse. I wonder if it is as good as it used to be.

More fun stuff: After dinner, the girls made me a carrot cake (my favorite) and sang happy birthday. This has been a great day.

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