I’m Proud

I just want to take a moment to say that I’m proud of my cousins.

The photo on the left is of my cousins, first and first once removed. Jennifer is my first cousin, the daughter of my mother’s sister, Terry. Brittney is Jennifer’s daughter, my first cousin once removed. Gardina is also Jennifer’s daughter, or, at least she will be in short order, which will also make her my first cousin once removed.

Gardina was an orphan in Haiti, and thankfully survived the devastating earthquake that rocked that nation to its core. She just arrived in the US and is being adopted by Jeff and Jennifer DeWitt and their 4 kids.

Gardina had been on their hearts and minds for some time, as either Jeff or Brittney had, on different occasions, visited the orphanage where Gardina lived, and brought reports of Gardina back home to share with the rest of the family.

For many reasons, this is a moving story, which you can read the rest of here

My hat is off to all those who “love the least of these,” and I’m proud to count my cousins among them. How do you say, “Welcome to the family” in Haitian-Creole?

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