Israeli Elections 2006

Simply put, Israeli politics are not boring. It’s probably true that “politics is politics, no matter where you are,” but the political structure in Israel does offer some distinct differences from the American system.

One of the things you will probably not see in American politics is the political rival illustrated as a mokey as in this advertisement:

The caption says, “Enough of ignoring corruption.” By the way, the three “monkeys” are the leaders of the three largest political parties (r to l: Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert, and Amir Perez). I can’t see either Republicans or Democrats not demanding an apology and the withdrawal of an advertisement like this.

One thing you may see in American politics is the message of this advertisement:

“I believe in God, but I will seperate between religion and government.” Unfortunately, too many politicians say they have religious beliefs that they can dismiss in order to fulfill their political responsibilities.

Finally, an advertisement that is on the agenda in America:

“Sleep with whomever you want…” This is a platform for civil weddings (currently not available in Israel) that include homosexual marriages.

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