Ken and Lucy and Wolf Brand Chili

It’s football season and almost time for the State Fair of Texas, so these really hit the spot. Our dear friends, Ken and Lucy Nunn, from North Carolina blessed us with a treasure trove of goodies. And among the goodies were several cans of Wolf Brand Chili, which are now being rationed.

Before Ken came on his last visit, he asked if there was anything special that we would like. Our answer: “Canned chili. Preferably, Wolf Brand Chili, but since you are on the east coast, any local brand of chili will be fine.”

Ken likes a challenge, so he searched the Internet to find where he could get Wolf Brand. We never imagined Ken would go to the trouble of shipping WBC from San Antonio, Texas to North Carolina so he could bring it to us in Israel, or we would not have asked for that item. However, Ken and Lucy are like that: They really want to bless those they love. And in God’s mercy, we have been one of the targets of their love.

Over the years they have brought a variety of things for us and others: clothes, candy corn, licorice, scented pencils, beef jerky, kids books, scholarships, baseball uniforms, baseball equipment, and chili are a partial list. And, all of it has been gathered, packed and carried with lots of love.

Ken and Lucy, you are a treasure. We love you.

By the way, the chili has been enjoyed in the form of chili cheeseburgers and chili dogs. Next up: Nachos with a perfect blend of cheese, chili and (recently acquired) jalapenos. Thanks for your part in the menu.


  1. dannyfrese says

    Mmmmm. Wolf Brand chili is awesome! It’s been a family favorite since our brief time in Texas for my dad’s Ph.D.

  2. dannyfrese says

    My dad quoted their ads for years: [Gruff voice:] “How long has it been since you’ve had a bowl of Wolf Brand Chili? WELL THAT’S TOO LONG!!”

  3. Danny,

    I don’t remember those commercials, but can definitely identify with the sentiment.

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