My Guardian Angel

Since I started studying Arabic in the Old City, I’ve become friends with a man who I call my guardian angel. Almost immediately upon meeting, we connected in a way that predicted that he would become a very important friend to me.

I have been very surprised at how he has taken me under his wing. I see him almost every time I’m in the Old City, and he always has something to tell me. Our conversations are often cut short because I need to get to school, but they are always enjoyable. He has warned me about certain areas of the market where drugs are prevalent, given me the background on a number of individuals in the area, and a variety of other pieces of information that are helpful for me to know. 

He’s a Muslim, a father and grandfather, has lived in Silwan (aka City of David) since the beginning of time, and seems to enjoy talking with me in any language: Arabic, Hebrew or English (in that order). His formal education ended after 3rd grade, but he has a PhD in street education. As a boy, he sold souvenirs to tourists. He also worked in the family bakery in the Old City. Now he works in the Old City. His story is fascinating, and I’m interested to hear more.

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