Off to the Zoo

Colleen has a women’s conference today, so Grace and I are going to one of Grace’s favorite places: The Jerusalem Zoo. Physically, it’s a beautiful zoo, and they have a nice collection of animals – though it feels funny saying it that way. But, how else could one refer to the animals that are kept there? Zoos collect animals much like boys collect baseball cards. Perhaps there’s more idealism in collecting animals as zoos do, but there really isn’t a substantial difference. So, I’ll continue using the term collection when referring to the animals at the zoo.

Anyway, it is a favorite destination for our family. We all enjoy seeing the animals to a greater or lesser degree. Colleen most enjoys the family being together in a nice environment. Grace most enjoys the large playground. And I enjoy the family time and taking photos at the zoo.

Here’s a photo from out last outing. We were all surprised when this big cat was alerted by Grace and Colleen making the Israeli “tssskk” call for street cats.

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