Security Update

Many of our friends in the USA worry about our safety here in Israel. Seemingly, every news report from Israel is one that gives them cause to worry that there is “war going on everywhere.”

For those who are worried about us, please take a close look at the above photo. The three ladies in the photo are soldiers in the Border Guard of the Israel Defense Forces.

Soldiers like them are stationed at all the main entrances of the main market in Jerusalem, and preventing terrorists from entering the market is their objective. I’m not going to unfold all the security strategies implemented in that job, but I will make this observation: playing the scratch and lose lottery isn’t one of their authorized strategies.

I gather from their lack of attention to who is coming and going in the market that they have not received any security warnings, and that they are fairly relaxed about the overall security situation in Jerusalem at this time. However, they may just be bad soldiers. I’m hoping the former and not the latter is the case.

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