Sumo in Israel

A group of 15 Japanese sumo wrestlers are planning to come to Israel in June. They are part of an effort to boost Japanese tourism in the Holy Land.

Being a people watcher by nature, this is definately a group I would like to follow around. They are supposed to do the regular tourist route, including the Dead Sea. Now, that will be a sight: Fifteen sumo wrestlers floating on the Dead Sea!


  1. Jackie says

    This reminds me of looking at the videos of when we were at the Dead Sea and I said that I looked like a “beached whale” trying to get out. Hopefully the sumo wrestlers will be more graceful than me when trying to get out of the Dead Sea.
    I love your blogs.

  2. Is that Bill Schlegel in the background? What a hoot!

  3. No, that’s not Bill, but I do see the resemblence now that you mention it.

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