Texas Longhorns

I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Scott of the Copa de Vino Ranch in Goliad, Texas for the freedom to get inside the fence to take some photos of their longhorn cattle. We were in Goliad seeing the area where Colleen’s mother grew up, which was on the land across the road from the Copa de Vino Ranch.

As we were approaching the family property, I noticed the longhorn ranch and immediately pulled off the road to take some photos. About that time, one of the ranch hands drove in the gate and stopped to invite me inside for some better shots. At first I refused his offer, but after a few moments of consideration, I accepted his south Texas hospitality and we drove inside.

I like the color pattern of the first steer below, but wish he was wearing the horns in the second photo.

There’s something really relaxing about photographing animals like these. Waiting for them to stand at the right angle, hoping for a good background and the natural beauty staring back at me creates the perfect storm of relaxation for me. Knowing that everyone in the car is waiting for me reduces the satisfaction some, but I’m thankful that my family is very patient with me when I drop into photography mode.

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