The birth of my firstborn

Here’s how I described the birth experience of my firstborn, Grace Anne Dunning:

“I stood next to the midwife near the foot of my wife’s delivery bed. I was taking it all in, doing my best to encourage my lovely bride to finish the task that was hers – but mostly standing there numb trying to take it all in. While “our” labor and delivery was a relatively quick process start to finish, time seemed to drag on. As each stage came and went the midwife seemed more excited than I was, but I was taking it all in with great amazement and wonder. Finally, our daughter’s head crowned and suddenly there she was! It seemed quicker than the flash of a flashbulb; and in one motion the midwife caught the baby and delivered her into my wife’s arms.

I hope that one moment in time, a flashbulb of a moment, will never leave my memory. I pray that any future sickness, injury or old age will be kind to me, allowing me to treasure that sweet and amazing moment until my last breath.”


Craig Dunning holding his firstborn, Grace, for the first time (08 JAN 2004).

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