The First Rains

Many, if not most people would think a rain shower would be a downer during a congregational picnic. And, perhaps in some places that would be true.

However, we haven’t seen rain in almost six months. So, our congregation saw the rain as something to rejoice over. We thanked the Lord for his gift, kept the grill going, and tried to huddle under the trees as much as possible until the showers passed.

In the spring, we saw the green hill sides quickly turn to gold, indicating an absence of water. That cycle will begin to reverse soon: the hill sides will start to trade in their golden tone for a beautiful, lush green.

In the next six months, we will get our yearly allotment of water, and our prayer is that God will be very generous toward us.

For the last four years we have had less than our average annual rainfall, which finally created a critical situation. So much so that the government passed a new water conservation law that increased the cost of water used for gardens by almost 100%. Normally restrictions target farms and those that want to wash their cars at home: farms are typically forbidden to water during the middle hours of the day based on the thought that during the hot summer days more water will be needed due to evaporation; and it is forbidden to wash a car at home (though commercial car washes are allowed). So, when private gardens are targeted with restrictions, it is clear, we are in a water crisis. Hopefully, the rain this year will be abundant.

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