The Spelling Test: A Parable

The teacher said, “spell….”             The student wrote, ….

  1. CAT                                           d o g
  2. BLUE                                         r e d
  3. CAR                                           b i k e
  4. TEST                                          q u i z
  5. BOOK                                        p a p e r

The teacher graded the student’s answers and awarded a grade of zero because the answers were incorrect. The student protested that a grade of zero was unfair because, “I studied and did the test.”  “Why should I get the same grade as a student who didn’t study or even do the test?” the student reasoned.

The teacher was left to wonder why the student would ask such a question. Yes, the words the student wrote were spelled correctly. BUT, they did not reflect the words required on the test.

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