Things Kids Say

My 5-year-old daughter does not yet take the Lord’s Supper, so she is very jealous and attentive to all that goes on during that event. In Israel we use matza for the Lord’s Supper, and when it is broken, it comes out in random sizes; some larger, some smaller.  This past Friday night, I got a rather large piece of matza, which immediately drew her attention.

“What’s that, Abbah?” she asked. I began to explain, “This is a picture of Jesus – how his body was,” at which point I was interrupted with, “But it doesn’t look like Jesus!”

Clearly, from a 5-year-old’s perspective, she was correct. In fact, her reply caused me to take another look at the broken piece of matza resting in my hand, . . .  and to reconsider how I try to communicate important truths to her . . . and to others.

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