Victory is so Sweet

This is a picture of a very happy and satisfied victor. I recently challenged my players (Israel U21 national baseball team) to a test of athletic prowess at the local bowling lanes. Unfortunately, some were too afraid to answer the call, fearing exactly what the others got – a smashing defeat!

In the end, everybody had a great time and our team had an opportunity to bond a little while seeing the coach perform under pressure. Everyone was out to beat me because I had offered to pay for anyone who could beat me in total score for the night.

I didn’t have the high game of the night (182), that belonged to Moishe Lewis, but I consistantly scored at the top – 144, 153, 176, which hopefully taught my players the important lesson of being consistent and getting better as you go along. By the way, I only paid for myself – no one beat me.

The night was particularly enjoyable for me because this washed up athlete had the chance to step into the arena of competition once again – the same butterflies, adrenalin rush and drive to win that were present so many years ago, came back like they had never had a break. I know that I can’t compete athletically like I once did, but it was fun to wear the victor’s crown again – even if it was only for the moment.

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