Texas and Israel Bluebonnets

This time of year in central/north central Texas usually means Bluebonnets. It’s common for the girls/women in a family to sit among the flowers to have their photos taken with the natural beauties. Following the Bluebonnet theme of the last two posts, here are my girls: one born in Texas, the other in Israel.

Texas Bluebonnets

Here’s the flower that I thought was similar to the “Bluebonnet.”

Texas Bluebonnet – Lupinus texensis

Israel Bluebonnet

I’ve always thought this flower looks so much like the Texas Bluebonnet, that I named it the Israel Bluebonnet. Turns out that it’s from the same family as the Texas Bluebonnet.

Blue Lupin – Lupinus pilosus

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom