The Joy of Laughter, Tickles and Giggles

Among the many blessings in my life is my daughter, my treasure, my Grace. She is a source of joy in so many ways, and one of those is our tickle time.

She is five years old and wears size 5T. Now you might think that 5T stands for 5 Toddler, but you would be wrong. 5T stands for 5 Tickle; and each morning Grace looks hopefully at the tags on her clothes to see if they are 5T so she can prepare herself for the requisite tickle fest. If I’m not paying close enough attention, she will say, “Abba, it’s fiiiiiive Teeeeee.” That’s code for, “Please come tickle me.”

The joy of tickles. The joy of simplicity: no toys required. Just a finger or feather or string appropriately placed brings a burst of laughter.

I’m sad that 5T isn’t followed by 6T.

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