Melons to Market

When I think back to my childhood, I only remember watermelon in the summer, but these melons are currently in the Jerusalem market. These are what I call personal size melons, though a few may serve two.

Even though I have never liked melons (of any kind), I have a knack for picking good watermelons by thumping them, which is an “art” I learned from my Granddad. However, I didn’t thump any of these, so I can’t say whether they are good or not.

Colleen’s Favorite Green: Swiss Chard

Personally, I don’t eat the stuff, but it is my wife’s favorite green on her plate, and it’s now available at the market.

These Guys are Going on Vacation . . . for 2 Years!

If you are interested in fishing in the fresh waters of the Sea of Galilee in the near future, you have until February 28, to wet your hook because there is a fishing ban coming into effect from March 1, 2010 until February 28, 2012.

It seems the fish population in the lake needs to be replenished, so a plan has been put in place to fix that problem. You can read the whole story, which is being reported only by Israel National New, here.

And for those who are worried about being able to still get fish in Israel, the large number of fish farms in the north should be able to supply the market, but I would expect an increase in price.

Now, where did I put my pole? I’m scheduled to be at the Sea of Galilee just before the ban takes effect, so I need to find my pole.

Galilee Bee Keepers

Due to good winter rains this year, the Galilee is green and lush. And this bee keeper is out in the field priming his boxes for what he hopes to be a good honey harvest.

Oranges: Ready to be Squeezed

These oranges are in season and on their way to the various juice stands in the Old City. However, beware, they are still a little tart.

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