Refusing to Deliver New Testaments

Hebrew New Testament

Arutz 7 is reporting that “[d]ozens of mail deliverers” have refused “to deliver copies of the Christian ‘New Testament’ Bible” in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan because doing so is akin to delivering “missionary material.” This, they assert, is against Jewish law, and possibly state law, too.

On the latter point, I can say that it is definitely NOT against the law to deliver missionary material. However, that doesn’t mean that all the postal workers do their job. I am aware of certain occasions when “Messianic/Christian/Missionary” materials simply have not been distributed according to contract.

This particular situation is now circulating amongst the politicians and I’m guessing will likely go away quietly. (I’m not aware of the specifics of this mailing, so I’m shooting in the dark as to the likely outcome.) Over the years, due to mass mailings of “Messianic/Christian/Missionary” literature, parliament members have become exercised and have raised the idea of outlawing such mailings, or even evangelism, altogether. Each time an anti-missionary law has been floated, it has been left floating long enough for constituents to appreciate the politicians’ efforts, then it goes away quietly.

Honestly, I get a cynical giggle from this story because I’ve seen soldiers, in an official capacity, teaching other soldiers from the New Testament. I wrote about that here.

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