Am I a bad professor if . . .

Am I a bad professor if I let a student sleep through the last half of class? If you answered no, would your answer change if you knew that I also allowed the rest of the students (their idea, not mine) to quietly exit the class and leave the student to sleep through lunch?

My daughter thought I owed the student a lunch. I disagreed. My initial thought was if a person is paying $250 per credit hour and sleeps through the class, they must need some sleep . . . so, let them sleep. Is that wrong?

Would I Be A Bad Professor If . . .

Would I be a bad professor if the following exchange took place via text message:

Student: “What’s the lowest I can make on my final exam and pass your class?”

Me: “I don’t help students do the least they can. You can look on the student portal to see your average and figure it out yourself. Better yet, prepare for the exam and do well!”

To all my students (present and future): Aim for something higher than the least you can do. Don’t just get by. Forever repudiate the mantra, “D’s get degrees.”