Proverbs 20:2

The terror of a king is like the growling of a lion;

    whoever provokes him to anger forfeits his life.

Proverbs 20:2 ESV

This proverb is obviously a warning about the power of the king. Poking and provoking a king will lead to dire consequences. However, kings should take note that they have a responsibility to their people and they should not behave as animals.

Proverbs 19:2

Desire without knowledge is not good,
and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.

Proverbs 19:2 ESV

This verse reminds me of being in a store with a kid. The first thing that catches his attention results in, “Can we get this?” No thought of what it costs. No thought of what it does. No thought of how easily it may break or become outdated. Simply, “I see it and I want it … now.” So many things in life come with a cost, but a broken soul doesn’t think about those things. It simply wants.

How do you fight desire?

Proverbs 18:6

A fool’s lips walk into a fight,

    and his mouth invites a beating.

Proverbs 18:6 ESV

When I was a kid, “You are cruising for a bruising,” was a phrase often used to warn someone that their mouth was about to get them into trouble. The fool would not heed the warning. Note that it isn’t really the mouth that is the problem, it’s the heart. However, it is by way of the mouth that the heart is revealed.

A person that can’t or doesn’t control his mouth is a fool.

Proverbs 15:4

A gentle tongue is a tree of life,
but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.

Proverbs 15:4 ESV

A gentle tongue speaks blessings. A gentle tongue isn’t caustic. A gentle tongue speaks kindness and encouragement. A gentle togue is a tree of life.

A tongue that speaks curses, is caustic, and rude and degrading breaks the spirit.

Which tongue is yours?

Proverbs 14:3

By the mouth of a fool comes a rod for his back,

but the lips of the wise will preserve them.

Proverbs 14:3 ESV

Because a fool doesn’t control his mouth, hardship will be his lot in life. That may come in a variety of forms, including physical correction. The wise person controls his mouth, thus he typically avoids the need for physical correction.

What do you prefer?

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