This guy was so focused on catching some pigeons that he didn’t notice my presence . . . until he heard my shutter. By that point I had my photos, he had missed his meal, and his dinner was turning back on him. In the end, the birds chased him back into the cave.

Deer Season Approaches

More than 1000 pounds of corn rides on the back of this trailer. In front of the corn are are a deer stand and a feeder.

These hunters hope some unsuspecting deer think they have hit the jackpot when they come upon all this corn. They also hope the corn isn’t wasted, which is to say, they hope the deer come home in place of the bags of corn.

Texas Deer Season is Upon Us

Archery season has opened in Texas, so I thought this “shot” from about a week ago would be appropriate. This trio was 400-500 yards away from me, so they were out of range for anything but my Nikon. Oh yeah, I spotted them southeast of Jerusalem, about 6,900 miles away from Dallas, Texas.

Tracking Ibex Part 3

Tracking Ibex Part 2

“What does that taste like?” asked one of my students. I’m not sure how to answer that except to say, “I’ll never know because I’ll only shoot one with my Nikon.”

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