A history of Arlington Baptist College, 1992-2012

A history of Arlington Baptist College, 1992-2012

This document is an update to Dr. Earl K. Oldham’s (1992) historical account of the World Baptist Fellowship and the Arlington Baptist College, USS WBF: Sail on!, which is ©2013 Craig Dunning. It is available as a free download at the title link above, and should be cited as:

Dunning C. (2013) A History of Arlington Baptist College, 1992-2012.

Interviews about this document can be obtained by contacting Prof Craig Dunning at (417) 268-6000, ext. 6109.

Craig Dunning provides a historical narrative of Arlington Baptist College from 1992 through 2012 according to three college presidential administrations: Dr. Wendel Hiers, Dr. David Bryant, and Dr. D. L. Moody. The data for this narrative was compiled through personal interviews and internal documents provided by the administration of Arlington Baptist College.

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