The Fourth Man (Dispatches from the Front Episode 10)

The announcement of the latest release in the Dispatches from the Front series, Episode 10: The Fourth Man is welcome news! (Available from Westminister Bookstore by clicking the title link above.)

Among the very best missions video series available is  Dispatches from the Front by Frontline Missions International (follow FMI@Twitter). The intention of the video series is to bring “viewers up-close with sights and sounds from distant corners of the Kingdom.” Why? Because believers “everywhere desperately need a renewed vision of Christ and the unstoppable advance of His saving work in all the earth.”1 To this end, Dispatches from the Front succeeds in every way.

The sights, sounds, and reflective narration are informative, encouraging and challenging because they provide an inside look at real ministry done by real people in real places around the globe.

In this 10th installment in the series, Tim Keesee takes the viewer into new territory: The Middle East.

“He is risen!”—three words that change everything. This wonderfully good news that was first announced to the women at the Empty Tomb is still being declared boldly in the Middle East by the Risen King’s messengers! Dispatches from the Front goes into this region of centuries-old darkness and division that is now overshadowed by the fierce violence of ISIS terror. Yet, the Gospel is powerfully at work in the Middle East, and Christ is building His Church there just as He said He would. Neither the gates of hell nor the gates of Islam can withstand the work of our Risen King! From mega-cities in Arabia to refugee camps left in the wake of ISIS terror, The Fourth Man goes beyond the headlines to showcase the Gospel’s power to save, the mercy and love of believers, and their abiding joy as Christ walks through the fires of persecution with them.2

I have personally watched all of the previous episodes multiple times and have included them in the curricula of my college and seminary missions courses. So, add my name to the long list of enthusiastic endorsements, which include, among others, Tim Challies, Mark Dever, John Piper, Carl Trueman, David J. Hesselgrave, and Justin Taylor.

It matters not whether you are a seminary or Bible college student, a missions pastor, or a lay member of your church that knows nothing about missions, you can benefit from this series.

Dr. Craig A. Dunning, PhD
Lead Professor of Intercultural Studies/Missions
Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
#GoBBCLife Change U!

The video clip below will give you an idea of what’s inside episode 10.


A lot of favorites, here

Colleen in London

Colleen in Kensington Gardens in London

This is one of my favorite pictures of Colleen, my wife and life partner and mother of my children. It was taken 15 years ago during one of our favorite vacations in London, our favorite European city. She’s just as beautiful today.

Colleen’s Favorite Green: Swiss Chard

Personally, I don’t eat the stuff, but it is my wife’s favorite green on her plate, and it’s now available at the market.

The Joy of Laughter, Tickles and Giggles

Among the many blessings in my life is my daughter, my treasure, my Grace. She is a source of joy in so many ways, and one of those is our tickle time.

She is five years old and wears size 5T. Now you might think that 5T stands for 5 Toddler, but you would be wrong. 5T stands for 5 Tickle; and each morning Grace looks hopefully at the tags on her clothes to see if they are 5T so she can prepare herself for the requisite tickle fest. If I’m not paying close enough attention, she will say, “Abba, it’s fiiiiiive Teeeeee.” That’s code for, “Please come tickle me.”

The joy of tickles. The joy of simplicity: no toys required. Just a finger or feather or string appropriately placed brings a burst of laughter.

I’m sad that 5T isn’t followed by 6T.

Favorites: Cashews

Cashews are currently my favorite snack food; and they are the only souvenir my dad ever wants me to bring him from Israel.

A wide variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are available year-round at any of the produce markets in Israel.