Proverbs 1:3 Pt. 1

to receive instruction in wise dealing,

    in righteousness, justice, and equity

Proverbs 1:3 ESV

One of the goals of Proverbs is for the reader to receive instruction in a) wise dealing, b) in righteousness, c) in justice, and d) in equity. Here, Solomon indicates the importance of certain values. Below, we will look at wise dealing.

Wise dealing could be simplified as wisdom. Wisdom has to do with how we see life and the way we interact with others. Wisdom, though, isn’t simply knowing how not to get ripped off when buying a used car. Wise dealing has to do with understanding the circumstances of life. It has to do with understanding the other person and knowing how to interact properly with them, how to encourage, rebuke, edify, etc. People are not all the same, and must be approached wisely. I think that is what Hebrews 10:24 is getting at when it says, “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works” (ESV). “Consider” suggests a thoughtful approach to others. After all, we all have our own buttons. Wisdom knows how to push those buttons in a God honoring way.

In Proverbs 1:3, Solomon’s desire is that the reader will have a heart that is receptive to instruction in wisdom. By extension, Solomon’s desire is to provide that instruction through the remainder of this book.

Prayer: Lord, help me to have a heart that happily and easily receives instruction in wisdom.

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