Proverbs 7:4

Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”

    and to insight, “You are my relative.”

Proverbs 7:4 ESV

Have you ever thought of wisdom as a family member? A sibling? Here, the author uses this word picture to draw our attention to how closely related we should be with wisdom. Rather than think of wisdom as something out there, we should think of wisdom as a blood relative, someone with whom we have an essential (DNA) relationship. We are connected. Or, should be.

Proverbs 7:3

bind them on your fingers;

    write them on the tablet of your heart.

Proverbs 7:3 ESV

“Them” in this verse refers back to the words and commandments mentioned in verse one. Here, the author uses word pictures to communicate the way we embrace and engage with those words and commandments. First, in binding them on your fingers you are making them “ever present,” a regularly visible reminder. Additionally, we wear things on our fingers to decorate or to adorn our appearance. Dressing in wisdom seems to be a good way to remind and adorn ourselves.

“Write them on the tablet or your heart” communicates a deeply held commitment to the words and commandments. In writing them on the tablet of your heart, you are creating a core belief or value.

This verse helps us to see the need to mark ourselves internally and externally. So, how are you doing in this regard?

Proverbs 7:2

“keep my commandments and live;

  keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;”

Proverbs 7:2 ESV

Here, I want to look at the idiom, “apple of your eye.” In English, that phrase is used to reference something that is cherished, as in “My dad loved all of his children, but our youngest brother was the apple of his eye.”

The Hebrew word that is translated as apple is ishon, which is literally the pupil, the center part of the eye. So, “apple of your eye” is a good translation of ishon. Although we don’t generally give much thought to it, we naturally protect and cherish the eye, especially the pupil. And that is exactly what this verse is communicating.

How are you cherishing wisdom’s teaching?

Proverbs 7:1

“My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you;”

Proverbs 7:1 ESV

If we are not careful, we may read past the word treasure. The word keep deals with the action, the word treasure deals with the heart. It may be helpful to be reminded that the word treasure means to highly value.

Let that sink in a bit.

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