Bible Memorization Isn’t Enough

The pastor in the first video clip below shames me when it comes to Bible memorization. To date, he has memorized more than 100 chapters of the Bible, which is commendable – even convicting.

However, after seeing how he handles the Bible, I realize that memorizing large portions of the Bible isn’t enough. And, I’m not talking about his pulpit panache, or lack thereof. That doesn’t matter much to me, unless, of course, the lack of panache is exacerbated by putrid, soulless drivel.

I’ve watched that video several times, but only because it’s a multi-car pile up. You’ve driven by a bad auto accident and you know you shouldn’t slow down to gawk, and you feel bad for doing so. But you can’t help yourself. That’s me and this video.

Another video that I have watched several times is this advertisement for a Don’t Waste Your Life conference.

This second video, also by a Baptist pastor, is different. Much different. The way the Bible is presented in a “gives life meaning” kind of way draws me back time and time again. I feel guilty. But not because I’m watching a train wreck, rather because it challenges my soul. It challenges my value system. It goes to the core of my being.

One is man-centered. The other is God-centered. And that makes a big difference.

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