Friday Fotos: A Little Over the Top?

Explanation: This “toilet target” is apparently located in the restroom of a very devoted University of Oklahoma fan. (For those not from those parts, the longhorn is the mascot for the University of Texas, the longtime rival of OU.)

Question: Is this just a little over the top? Not just the clash of colors and lack of interior design, but the target itself?

I know it’s all just fun and a little rivalry, but really. Maybe, I’ve become a soft OU fan as a result of Texas’ recent success.

Confession: My wife and I got up early to watch last year’s NCAA national championship game and ran around the room hollering when Vince Young scored the go-ahead touchdown, that eventually proved to be the game winner. That was clearly one of my favorite sports moments since moving to Israel.

Having said all that, we’re definitely watching the Big 12 Championship Game and cheering for Oklahoma over Nebraska. Go Sooners!

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