Fuel Costs Up, Dollar Down

Today, the Drudge Report is linking to a story from California that reports a gas station in Gorda is charging $5.40 for a gallon of full-service gasoline.

Most of you have heard about the weak dollar and the global rise in fuel prices. Perhaps you are interested to know the result of that combination and how the prices in Israel compare to where you buy gasoline or diesel. The regulated price for diesel in Israel is $9.74 per gallon. If you shop around you can find it discounted down to $7.54.

The regulated price for self-serve unleaded is $6.95 per gallon, which can be found discounted down to $6.79.

I’m experienced enough to say, “I remember when,…diesel could be purchased in Israel for less than $2.00 per gallon.” I’m afraid those days are long gone, never to be seen again.


  1. So if I just pour all of my wallet contents into your gas tank, will you take me out for a drive in May?

  2. Todd,

    You know that my tank will not hold all the contents of your wallet, not even close! 🙂

    In fact, I was hoping to tag along with your group, but haven’t written to ask, yet. So, maybe we can do a “trade off” of some sort.

  3. At $9 a gallon, and the enormous size of your gas tank, you must think I carry around a thousand bucks!

    So maybe I can negotiate for a better deal, or more time?

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