Good Leaders Build a Team Spirit

Good leaders enhance team trust by doing things that create a confident and positive team spirit. Many good leaders remind themselves of the importance of team by following the acronym T.E.A.M. Together, everybody accomplishes more. This is true in the business world, the sporting world, and even the church world.

Good leaders recognize that a positive team spirit and confidence in leadership among the troops is even more important when the organization is going through a difficult stretch. For example, when a product isn’t selling as well as predicted or a team is regularly in the basement of their division or membership is declining.

Although many people think winning automatically fixes internal problems, good leaders also recognize that being on the top does not necessarily translate into team harmony. Ask yourself why employees choose to leave the company with the hottest product or why players choose to leave a championship team or why there is high staff turnover at some churches that are experiencing unprecedented growth. In all of these apparently winning situations, people are leaving. Why? Good leaders not only recognize the value of T.E.A.M. when end results aren’t at the desired level, they also recognize that a winning team that is divided will begin to crumble. Again this is true in the corporate world, the sporting world, and even the church world.

Leaders enhance their leadership skills and leadership influence by recognizing the value of T.E.A.M. The next several leadership posts will point out ways that good leaders build T.E.A.M. spirit.



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