Lachish Grapes

Lachish grapes are becoming available in the market again. The grapes that have been available prior to now were South African imports, which sell for 24 shekels per kilo. The locally grown grapes are still a bit expensive for me, though at between 7.80 (above) and 12 shekels (below) a kilo they are half as expensive as the imports.

Like the recently mentioned pineapples, these grapes are from Lachish, which is another reason it is relevant to post them during the King Hezekiah series.

While the South African grapes are consistently much smaller than the local grapes, they do come seedless in both red and green. Israel, on the other hand, only produces green seedless grapes. So, if you want red seedless grapes, it’s going to cost you double at today’s prices.

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