Three Things I’ve Noticed While in the US

As we have been traveling in the United States, I have noticed a few things:

I have seen long freight trains loaded with UPS trailers and have been surprised at how much freight UPS apparently moves by train. In the late 80’s I was an employee of UPS and was aware of their shipping efforts both on the ground and in the air, but was not aware of their efforts on rail. I assume that FedEx also uses rail, but have yet to see any evidence.

Apparently Curves is challenging Coca Cola as the most widely marketed product in the world. I have been surprised to see a Curves franchise seemingly in every town through which we have passed. Even Rawlins, Wyoming (pop. 8,538) had one.

Finally, I was surprised to see the Archaeological Study Bible for sale at Wal-Mart in Odessa, Texas. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised since I saw 3 copies of Biblical Archaeological Review for sale at Hastings Books in Odessa. Anyway, I got a smile upon seeing the Archaeological Study Bible because, among other reasons, it was my brush with fame. My friend, Todd Bolen of is one of the main photo contributors to this fine study Bible.

These aren’t the only things I’ve noticed, but they are the things that stand out at the moment.

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