40 Questions about the End Times

Having lived in Israel for many years, meant being asked about the “End Times” on a regular basis: “When do you think [insert event] will happen?” “Where do you think we are in the time line?”

It also meant being presented with seemingly every conceivable End Time scenario. This was so prevalent that I found myself avoiding the topic altogether. Rather than my time in Israel causing me to understand the End Times better, I think it caused me to be grow somewhat dismissive of the topic, which I regret.

If you are like me or are genuinely confused about the End Times, Kregel’s new book, 40 Questions About the End Times,might be helpful.

If this book is as good as 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law,another book in Kregel’s 40 Questions series, then Eckhard J. Schnabel will have made an important contribution to the End Times discussion.

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