A New Window for the Mosque

On a recent visit to the Temple Mount, I had the good fortune of meeting the glazier for the mosque. Sometimes we don’t think about religious buildings needing repairs (of all types), but they clearly do. As you can see in the photo, the mosque has many windows, and some of them are being replaced.

The glazier was a nice enough fellow, particularly when he invited me to see his work more closely. This is the window he is currently crafting to replace one of windows in the above photo.
Though I’ve been inside the mosque a few times, I didn’t remember the windows being stained glass. But, when I showed the photo to a number of Muslim friends (without explanation), they all immediately said, “That’s from the mosque, how did you get that picture?” I smiled and said, “I just used the Arabic that I’m learning.”
From outside, it’s hard, if not impossible, to see that the inner windows are stained glass because each unit has a second, clear outer glass and the source of light is from the outside, which causes a reflection.
The glazier was very proud of his work, which appears to be of a high quality. He also seemed satisfied to be the glazier for the “third holiest sight” within the Islamic system. And, I guess that might give one reason to be satisfied.
I’m scheduled to go on a special visit to the mosque in the near future, so I’m looking forward to seeing these windows from the inside.


  1. Erik Rogers says

    Dude! You have an amazing knack for getting some great photos! What a fortuitous meeting with the glazier! You are, at least in part, living my dream life. Thanks for giving these little glimpses into your world.

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