Guess Who Called Tonight

In the unlikely event that you guessed former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, you would be absolutely correct. As you might imagine, I was quite surprised to hear him say, “Bibi Netanyahu is speaking.” But when it sank in, I hung up on him like I do every telemarketer.

Yes, the political season is once again upon us and Bibi has a recorded message warning us of the terrible dangers of the left and the dramatic need to elect him. I know this because the second time he called (about 30 minutes after the first time), I listened a bit longer so that Colleen could hear him. She was a little skeptical when I told her Bibi had called, so it was good that he called back.

Lest you think I’m being too harsh on Bibi, you may be comforted to know that I’m an equal opportunity “hanger-upper” when it comes to telemarketers – ANY telemarketers. Recently, I was told to expect a test call for a telemarketing project that our church may undertake. My response: “If they call me, I’ll hang up on ’em.” So, it matters not if you are a former prime minister hustling votes, a church trying to recruit me, or you are selling the latest greatest whatever, I’ll hang up on you. So, don’t call – especially if you are a recording.

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